If you want to get an oral piercing you may be wondering what impact it’ll have on your smile. Common oral piercings include tongue bolts, cheek studs, and lip rings. The Journal of The American Dental Association advises using caution when deciding to get an oral piercing.

What Problems Can Piercings Cause?

When you get your tongue pierce the chances of a localized infection is prevalent and it can possibly transfer from a localized infection into a full oral infection. Also, in rare occasions the piercing can cause pain throughout the face that may be severe and come on quickly. Another concern is the long-term effect of having a piercing.

If you have a piercing, your teeth will regularly collide with the metal parts of your jewelry. This may cause an increase of tooth sensitivity and discomfort. In some cases, the piercing can break, crack or chip a tooth these cases require restorative dentistry to get the tooth back to normal. In the long term, you can develop gum disease that will develop into gum recession and bone-loss.

It’s Your Decision

Whether you get an oral piercing is your choice. We’re happy to talk with you about preventative measures and scheduling more frequent exams. Contact us today if you have questions or to schedule an appointment.

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