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By Gairhan Dental Care
January 12, 2017
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Have you been considering Botox treatment but aren't sure if it's the right choice for you? Dr. Emily Gairhan, your Jonesboro, AR dentist, botoxdiscusses the treatment process and explains how Botox can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


What is Botox?

Botox, derived from the botulinum toxin, helps smooth out the lines and wrinkles that form when you make facial expressions. The injections prevent nerve impulses from reaching your facial muscles, allowing them to relax. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin above them becomes smoother, and lines and wrinkles disappear or become less obvious.


How can Botox help me?

Botox injections are often used to:

  • Make "11" Lines Less Noticeable: Botox injections offer an excellent way to minimize the appearance of the vertical lines that develop between your eyes.
  • Reduce Forehead Furrows: Botox also smooths out horizontal lines that form on your forehead.
  • Smooth Crow's Feet: Laugh lines around your eyes can make you look older than you feel. Botox injections make those lines less obvious.
  • Improve Nasiolabial Fold Lines: As you age, the lines between your nose and mouth become more pronounced. Softening and smoothing the nasiolabial fold lines with Botox injections rejuvenates and refreshes your appearance.
  • Make Neck Bands Less Prominent: After Botox injections, your face may look younger, but your neck can still give away your age. Botox provides an effective way to treat neck bands and wrinkles.
  • Relieve Pain: Botox injections are often used to relieve TMJ pain and prevent migraines.

Why do Jonesboro dentists offer Botox?

Dentists routinely work with the area that extends from the forehead to the chin and have extensive experience injecting this area. Dr. Gairhan has also received specialized training from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics for both Botox injections and dermal fillers.


What happens during Botox treatment?

Before you receive your injections, Dr. Gairhan will numb your skin with a topical anesthetic. Depending on the number of injections you need, the entire treatment may take 10 minutes or less. After the injections, you can return to your normal activities immediately. It takes a little while for the injections to take effect, but in just under a week, you'll begin to notice a difference in your appearance. Follow up treatments every three to six months will help you maintain your results.


Enjoy a more youthful appearance with Botox injections. Call Dr. Gairhan, your Jonesboro, AR dentist, at (870) 931-1100 to schedule your appointment.